Thursday, September 13, 2012

Have Fun!

One of my mentor teachers gave me a piece of advice that I think is one of the most valuable I've been given. It was "laugh with your students at least once a day!" Now I usually laugh with them more than that, but you know there are those days where you just do not feel like laughing. So laugh at least once a day and build that community in your class (and it helps keep YOU sane). 

Today our school had a Beach Party to celebrate CRT scores from last year. There were water fights/games, dancing, a slip n slide, a kid carwash, and a shaving cream fight. For most of it I was avoiding the messy/wet activities but I was dancing away with my kids. Then I decided you know what it looks fun and I should go for it. So I went for it....hardcore.

I hopped in on the shaving cream fight and you can imagine how much fun it was for 3rd graders to get shaving cream on a TEACHER! So I got covered and naturally cleaned off with them in the "carwash" after. And then I was drenched with them for the last hour of the day in class. 

That's my plug. Sometimes you just gotta let go and have fun with them!