Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Knock my socks OFF!

This is a positive reinforcement management technique I used when Student Teaching and it worked great so I'm going to use it with my class this year!
I came up with this idea during my student teaching when I was working with my class on walking in the halls. I told them I wanted them to show me a line that would "knock my socks off". And the idea came to life. 

The way this works is by putting the socks up where they are visible to the students (I used the whiteboard). When as a whole class the students are doing an excellent job behavior wise(maybe on a specific thing they are working on i.e. quiet voices), they can knock a sock off meaning I take one down. When the students have knocked off all the socks, they get a whole class reward (maybe 5 min extra recess!) 

My students were really excited about it when I used it in the past so I'm hoping it works again:)

notes: the amount of socks you should use depends on how fast you want them to go. A couple ways to  make it stretch as long as you want are: you can use a lot of socks, you can make the expectations for knocking a sock off high. 

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  1. So cute! I love that my friend is officially a teacher blogger : )